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Digital Art

Observing the natural world through a profoundly evocative lens, Catherine’s images reveal aspects of our environment that we don’t always see…even when they’re right in front of us.

With a body of work spanning oceans, Catherine invites us to join in her explorations of enchanting landscapes, sacred spaces, and cathartic moments. Her passion for myth and folklore also lends an archetypal and ethereal flair to her photography and digital art.


2024 Calendar + Planners


‘Dreamscapes’ features nine brand new (and three revisited) landscape photographs with a little added magic ✨ Each raw image captured on camera was transformed into a dreamlike realm using various digital techniques…

May Show at the Gallery at Lakeland - 2023 - Catherine McManus - Twin Flame

The May Show at the Gallery at Lakeland

Back to where it all began, and honored to be a part of the May Show at The Gallery at Lakeland. The show runs from May 18th to July 14th, 2023. Lakeland Community College is where I received my photography education and spent hours and hours in the darkroom.

2023 Calendar + Planners


Journey through the fields, forests, and shorelines of the 2023 Sunsets Calendar + Planner. I chose these images to help soothe the mind and inspire the heart…

Solo Exhibition at Geauga County Public Library – Bainbridge


My second solo exhibition is taking place in the same setting as the first – a library! Water is My Element is a collection of 11 photographs captured in the various places I’ve lived or traveled. Water has always been a source of inspiration for me, so I wanted to honor this dynamic element that has brought me so much serenity, wonder and excitement…

2021 Calendar - Catherine McManus Photography

Annual Juried Exhibition at BAYarts

Twin Flame was accepted into the BAYarts Annual Juried Exhibition. It was displayed along with the amazing work of some of the best artists in Northeast Ohio! Thank you for welcoming me, BAYarts. I went with a closer crop of the image this time, to see if it would perform better. And it sold! Thank you, kind art patron.



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