Affordable Frames

Affordable Frames

Here are some suggestions for affordable frames I’ve used for exhibitions and art shows. These would also work well in your home or office!

I always suggest trying to find a frame that uses real glass so you have less glare and distortion, and more clarity. I’ve found it very difficult to know whether a product description is being truthful about the materials, so don’t be afraid to return a frame if it’s not what you expected! Avoid “poster” frames unless you’re framing an actual poster. Although not included here because I’ve not had the opportunity to afford them myself, frames with museum glass are nice if you are displaying your art in a room that receives direct sunlight or bright overhead lighting.

Gallery Solutions Frames

I like the quality of these frames.

AmericanFlat Frames

I’ve been pretty happy with frames from this company.


Minimal Black Frame

Comes in a number of different sizes. Matte pressboard material. Tempered glass.

Minimal Square Black Frame

Frame is solid wood. Uses plexiglass, but for smaller sizes the distortion and glare is not as noticeable. Set of four 8″x8″ frames with mat or 12″x12″ without mat.