Mystic Woodland Series – Current Exhibitions

Mystic Woodland Series – Current Exhibitions

The Mystic Woodland series is now on display at 5 Points Coffee & Tea in Cleveland, Ohio, through August 2018. A second exhibit will soon be on display at 24 Karrot Kitchen in Brecksville, Ohio, through October 2018.

The exhibits were prepared to fit the vibe of each space. The 5 Points display is smaller in scale, but is presented with rustic-style framing perfect for a cozy coffee shop in a revitalized historic building. It also includes four additional, never-before-printed photographs from the series.

The 24 Karrot Kitchen exhibit is framed gallery-style and displayed on a brick wall inside a 180 year old building. When Kathleen Madden, co-owner and cook of 24 Karrot, asked me if I would display some of my art in her new healthy shop & cafe, I knew immediately that Mystic Woodland is what needed to be there.

The Story…

I created this series in 2007 while exploring the Cuyahoga Valley National Park with my late-husband (then boyfriend), Ben. We got lost trying to find an area of the park we wanted to see, and after a lot of wrong turns and dead ends (we didn’t have smart phones or GPS back then, only a printed Google Map!), we ended up at the Brecksville Reservation’s visitor center.

Wandering along the path behind the center, it seemed we were the only ones in the entire forest. I tried to capture the essence and spirit of these trees in their enchanting home. A bronze sepia tone effect was added to the images in post-processing to fully capture how it felt walking through the wilderness that day.

Bringing these photographs to life as an exhibit over a decade later at 24 Karrot Kitchen, which is just down the road from where I captured them, feels like the culmination of a journey. Ben died very young from a rare bone cancer in 2011, so I’m dedicating this exhibit to him.

Every piece on display is a first edition signed print, and all are for sale. There are also open edition 8″x10″ prints and 5″x7″ greeting cards available for purchase.

You can see the full series here.