Print Sizing

Photographic prints are typically sized in 2:3 (3:2 landscape) or 4:5 (5:4 landscape) aspect ratios, so some standard frame sizes will crop off parts of the image. Here is a quick guide to help you decide which print size to order based on your preference:

4″x6″ – full size, no crop
5″x7″ – crops image
8″x10″ – crops image
8″x12″ – full size, no crop
10″x15″ – full size, no crop
11″x14″ – crops image
11″x17″ – full size, no crop
12″x16″ – crops image
12″x18″ – full size, no crop
16″x20″ – crops image
16″x24″ – full size, no crop
20″x30″ – full size, no crop
24″x36″ – full size, no crop
30″x40″ – crops image

A Note about Canvas Prints

Most of the canvas prints I offer are full size since they do not require a frame and come with a sawtooth hanger (sometimes two, the larger the print) for easy installation in your home!


Full Size, No Crop


Cropping Occurs