Solo Exhibition at Geauga County Public Library – Bainbridge

Solo Exhibition at Geauga County Public Library – Bainbridge

My second solo exhibition is taking place in the same setting as the first – a library! Water is My Element is a collection of 11 photographs captured in the various places I’ve lived or traveled.

Water has always been a source of inspiration for me, so I wanted to honor this dynamic element that has brought me so much serenity, wonder, excitement and endless creativity. Until recently, I’ve always lived close to a large body of water. I loved to sit by the coast and watch the waves, the ebb and flow lulling my restless mind into a peaceful reverie where ideas manifested for countless art and design projects.

Now that I live amongst the trees, I find myself craving that expansive, calming energy. So many deeply important memories are linked to the rushing waves or the restful, glass-like surfaces of Lake Erie, Lake Washington, Lake Union, Elliott Bay, the Puget Sound, Green Lake, the Niagara River, Niagara Falls, the North Atlantic Coast, the Celtic Sea, the English Channel, and so many more.

You can view the exhibit at the Geauga County Public Library’s Bainbridge Branch from July through September 2021 (press release). Prints of this entire series are available in my shop (or keep scrolling).

It feels perfectly right to be sharing my work in another library all these years later.

Since my old website is no longer active (and the domain is being held hostage by a domain broker…) I realized there is not much information about my first solo exhibition from January 2009. So here’s an article I found about my solo exhibition at the Lynnwood Library Gallery in Lynnwood, Washington, just north of Seattle.

Archival-quality prints are available below