Carved by nature, or humankind. Holding stories of our past.


Stonehenge · 2013 · Wiltshire, England

Narrow Water Castle · 2011 · County Down, Northern Ireland

Tintagel Old Post Office · 2012 · Tintagel, Cornwall, England

The Giant’s Causeway · 2012 · County Antrim, Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway II · 2012 · County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Tintagel Castle · 2013 · Tintagel, Cornwall, England

St. Patrick’s Cathedral · 2011 · Armagh, Northern Ireland

Mellifont Abbey · 2011 · County Louth, Ireland

Mellifont Abbey · 2011 · County Louth, Ireland


My fascination with ancient Celtic history, culture and art led me on a journey to Ireland and the UK in 2011. This longtime dream coming to fruition after a devastating loss was a journey I never thought would happen.

Stone circles and the ancient architecture of these isles fascinate me; how and why they were made, and who or what natural occurrence made them. There is much myth and mystery surrounding this part of the world.

Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of the Avalon series, wrote her own versions of some of the most popular Celtic legends. These stories weaved their way into my life as a teenager and inspired my future exploration and documentation of these lands.