The May Show at Lakeland Community College

May Show at the Gallery at Lakeland - 2023 - Catherine McManus - Twin Flame

The May Show at the Gallery at Lakeland

Back to where it all began, and honored to be a part of the May Show at The Gallery at Lakeland. The show runs from May 18th to July 14th, 2023.

Lakeland Community College is where I received my photography education and spent hours and hours in the darkroom, processing black & white film and printing print after print until the perfect exposure was achieved for each assignment.

Although this photograph, Twin Flame, is a digital image made with a printer and ink instead of light, emulsion, developer, stop bath and fixer, I still have my Lakeland professors to thank for the knowledge and nuance needed to create an impactful print.

You can read more about ‘Twin Flame’ and the full series here.